Wellbeing Brands Products Sanitiser and Protectant Fogger

Advanced anti-microbial technology that sanitises large areas with the touch of a button

The ViroCLEAR Sanitiser and Protectant Fogger works like a ‘cockroach bomb’, dispensing a fine mist of anti-microbial sanitiser, creating a protective layer that reaches every crack and crevice in a large area or vehicle. 

Killing 99.99% of germs and bacteria and even circulating through air conditioning systems, the ViroCLEAR Sanitiser and Protectant Fogger Effortlessly protects large areas and eliminates dangerous germs and bacteria, saving time, money and manpower.

• 105g Fogger covers up to 25 m²

• 160g Fogger covers up to 40 m²

ViroCLEAR Sanitiser & Protectant Foggers are ideal for:

Wellbeing Brands ViroCLEARHospitality venues
Wellbeing Brands ViroCLEARSchools and classrooms
Wellbeing Brands ViroCLEARGyms and leisure centres
Wellbeing Brands ViroCLEARShops and cafes
Wellbeing Brands ViroCLEARCars, vans and trucks
Wellbeing Brands ViroCLEARTransport carriages
Wellbeing Brands ViroCLEARHousehold rooms
Wellbeing Brands ViroCLEARTheatres and reception areas

Protect any large area with a powerful anti-microbial sanitiser layer.

ViroCLEAR contains 0.12% w/w benzalkonium chloride.
When using ViroCLEAR always read the label and carefully follow directions for use.

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Wellbeing Brands Products Sanitiser and Protectant Fogger